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Replacing Spring Clips for Interior Door Handles

When you have to remove the interior handles for one reason or another, instead of trying to replace the spring clip on the handle after you put the handle in place, put the clip on the handle where it belongs, then you can push the handle in place and the spring clamp will lock it in. WORKS GREAT!!

Removing Body Side Moldings

An easy way to remove Body Side Moldings without damaging it, is to push the moldings downward and pop the bottom of it out from under the clips. Then lift it strait up to remove. Remember it can be stubborn so sometimes it helps to take a 2X4 about 24" long, rest it on the top of the molding, then tap on the top of the board lightly to loosen the molding. (Remember you are tapping on aluminum, so be gentle.)

GMC Radiator Core Supports

If you remove the headlight supports off of your old GMC Core Support, you can mount them on a "67"-"68" Chevrolet Core Support and it will work for a GMC. The Radiator Core Supports are the same with that exception.

Removing Rusty or Stuck Bolts

When penetrating oil doesn't work... Take a propane torch and heat the nut with it. The heat will expand the nut making it possible to remove it.

Removing Rusty Screws

Before you damage the head of the screw, put your screw driver in the screw and wrap on it hard with a hammer a couple of times. Then turn the screw slightly clockwise, then counter clockwise to remove. Works Great!!

Removing Rusty Screws II

Use a 1/2" Pneumatic Impact Wrench and the Bits to an Impact Screw Driver to remove even the most stubborn of the stuck screws. It works great and doesn't strip out the heads of the screws.

GM Automatic Transmission ID

Here are some diagrams of GM's transmission oil pans. Checking the shape of the oil pan is a quick and simple way of identifying one.

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