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In our case we wanted to lower our Panel 6" in the rear.  This presented another problem that you don't run into when lowering 4" or less.  That problem is the mounting points for the pan hard bar become level, making it act like a pendulum.  This will cause the rear of the truck to wag back and forth when hitting bumps in the road.  It is extremely hard to handle a truck when it is doing this, not to mention that it is down right dangerous!  This is where our Super Pan Hard Bar Kit shines.  It has a bracket that mounts between the rear end and the control arm.  This lowers the mounting point by a couple of inches and also lengthens the distance between the two points.  That will result in better handling, because while you are restoring the correct angle of the pan hard bar you are also stretching out the pendulum effect that the shorter bar has.  Here are some pictures showing the new parts installed under our Panel.

Below are a couple of pictures of the stance.  Although it is hard to tell, it looks to us to sit a little lower in the rear than the front.  Once we install the Big Block 396 and front clip that should fix that problem.



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