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Welcome to the 67-72 Chevy / GMC Pickup Club Page.

Classic Heartbeat Pickup Parts has donated this section of our Website to the development of ClassicHeartbeat Pickup Club.  The "Founding Members" and myself decided that we wanted the development of this club to be open to everyone who cares to watch.  Although the "Founding Members" message board is closed off to the public, you can see the results of our discussions and votes as they develop.  We encourage all ideas, comments and suggestions as to what you would like to see in a club.  We are not sure of when we are going to be ready for new members, but we will be sometime in the future,   Your suggestion may help in the direction the club is going and at the very least will be given careful though and deliberation.  You may post your suggestions on either the regular message board, or the club board and we will be able to take it from there.


Club Mission Statement

The ClassicHeartbeat Pickup Club is to promote and provide information and create friendships thru the Classic 67-72 Chevrolet and GMC trucks. We also provide a place to share resources and information. All are welcome and this is a family board, however proper conduct is required. Our goals are simple to create a place for the members to share information and seek knowledge and have fun while doing it. We do not criticize anyone but share our own opinions.

Club Bylaws

As we have not came up with the actual Bylaws for the membership, I am posting the laws that we have discussed and voted in to law, procedures and rules that the "Founding Members" have to go by.

1.) Official Votes are posted for 7 days.

2.) Any New Bylaw has to pass by 2/3rds majority of the votes tallied. (This was amended on 10-21-01 with the 20 votes needed before it was amended.)

2.) Any "Founding Member" can post an idea for a new Bylaw. 

3.) Any future Bylaw has to be posted for discussion for 7 days before before an Official Vote will occur.


We are making this information available, so that any new prospective Members will have not only all of the pertinent information he or she needs to make the decision to join the club, you will also know how the information came about.  Remember we welcome all suggestions that any prospective member would have to offer, as to what they would like to see in the club.


First Year $30.00 and $20.00 for every year after.



For myself and on behalf of the "Founding Members" we say...

Thank You for taking the time to visit our Club,

Wes Hepp

"Founder" ClassicHeartbeat Pickup Club 

"Owner" Classic Heartbeat Pickup Parts


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